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Company News

  • 12 September 2013
  • Hong Kong Exchange is the holding company of Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited Company; Hong Kong futures exchange Co., Ltdand Hong Kong central settlement Co., Ltdof holding company. Hong Kong exchange's market institutions successfullyleadHong Kong financial services from a local market oriented market, to a central market in Asia region which attracts the investment funds from worldwide


    HKEx was public listed in June, 2000, after merging with Kong's securities and futures market. As a market leading organization and responsible to its shareholders, Hong Kong Exchange paid effort on grasp business opportunities within Asia to globe.


    The property of HKEx is huge, including the lobby with 294 trading desks. The trading floor is 12,200 square feet, set up with a media area and news phone-in program, a colour display is placed at the center of the trading floor using cylindrical design. Also, there is a exchange gallery, with 13,800 square feet, open to public. It introduces the history and development of Hong Kong Exchange. The other facilities are like conference hall, gift shop and reading room


    Based on the managing character of Hong Kong Exchange, they decided to introduce a system with an innovative ideas and concepts in management. SAMEX facilities management solution is a mature solution with advanced concepts and therefore HKEx has chosen us as their partners in EAM solution.

  • 12 September 2013
  • The High tech wind power company, Envision is invested by New Energy Fund. Envision is an international leader in core technology research and development of wind power field. It is currently engaged in R & D 2.5 – 6 megawatt series of fan. With the world's first large scale wind turbine assemble line, the company has a global innovation centre in Denmark. The R & D operation centre that located in Shanghai, China adopted SAMEX Asset Management Solution to manage its assets. It only took a short period of three months from signed to project launching.


    The company has gradually achieved these with SAMEX:


    • Closely linkage to the SAP fan production line interface. Forming a full tracking record from wind turbine factory to the wind field. Device management from central to the whole country around wind farm, achieving central management and information sharing
    • Established complete data information sharing to all devices defined a hierarchical relationship and defined the relationship of the equipment and spare parts.
    • Defined the location with asset and equipment; clarify the level between assets and location. Equipment failure reports, maintenance and repair task arrangement can be specified to device and also to location, in order to facilitate the maintenance tracking feedback.
    • Central management of all wind maintenance warehouse and inventory part library. Through multiple interfaces with SAP. The procurement process, acceptance and delivery information can be interacted in a multiple business process.
    • Gradually established a standard fault and maintenance strategy, knowledge base and intelligent judgement for the fan.
    • Integrated with SCADA and PU information, obtain the existing intuitive graphical program of the system.
    • Took full advantage of SAMEX alarm mechanism, monitored abnormal fan situation through SCADA, warning alert and automatic maintenance work order generated and sent to the wind far maintenance officer through mobile devices.
    • Usage of PDA application greatly accelerated the processing time of onsite maintenance for urgent events, fast and accurate feedback from the headquarters in depth analysis of field problems.
  • 12 September 2013
  • Regal hotel international was established in Hong Kong in 1979, and was listed in the following year. They are one of the largest hotelsin Hong Kong group, which has more than 8000 rooms and over 90 restaurants and bars.


    The group spend as much as millions yearly on hotel facilities maintenance, so how to reduce the maintenance cost and improve the service efficiency has been the most important issue to the management.


    SAMEX hotel facilities and service management system for the hotel and service apartments provide a complete customer service and life cycle management for the facilities. With many years of related experience, help Regal Hotel achieve the following goals:


    • Improve facilities maintenance management and single progress monitoring, strengthen the maintenance personnel to coordinate, improve the productivity
    • To provide better customer service and supervision mechanism, reduce complains, improves customer satisfaction
    • To speed up the service request on distribution and processing, enhance the user work performance
    • Improve the transparency of the stock control, reducing unnecessary inventory
    • Speed up the procurement process; reduce the loss caused by delay, and the overall purchasing cost
    • Increase the level on manage the facilities, staff, and contractors' performance (KPI) and service level (SLA)
    • Reduce the overall assets cost and not a single purchase cost, simplify the operation procedure and tracking the approval process
    • Provide knowledge base management, auto accumulates experience, enhance the enterprise's maintenance level
    • Provides more comprehensive data to support decision on facilities and customer related service
    • Improves the return-on-investment (ROI) on the assets and equipments, the overall utilization (OEE), extend their life cycle
    • Multiple language and location in one single tool
  • 12 September 2013
  • Hangzhou Yuhang Water Co. Ltd is using SAMEX to manage its asset and facilities


    Hangzhou Yuhang Waterworks Co. Ltd was formed in March 2008. It currently provide water supply to four water area, Pingyao, Liangzhu, Keng Shan and yellow lake water supply areas. The company supply a capacity of 585,00 tons of water daily. For the drainage system of the corporate, there are six sewage systems,the Linping sewage system, the Tangxi sewage system, the Liangzhu sewage system, the Yuhang sewage system sewage system of Chongxian and the Jingshan sewage system. The capacity of sewage treatment is 31 tons daily.


    In this environment with the complexity of sewage treatment equipment and outdoor environment, the mobile work module in SAMEX Asset Management Solution provides users with these benefits.

    • A secure and reliable identification
    • A clear location identification
    • Increasing the accuracy of data
    • developing a maintenance program
    • A solution based on IT-based technical support
    • Computerizing items warranty certificate
    • Fast tracking of asset transfer in a paperless way


    In addition, clear identification and dynamic data acquisition helps in company operation. Maintenance schedule and data monitoring are the example.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Hip Shing Hong Group in Hong Kong (Hip Shing) owns and manages over 100 million square feet of gross floor area of commercial and factory buildings, 400,000 square feet of gross floor area of retail shops.


    The Group has been striking for architectural excellence and to give customer a memorable experience. Given the environmental friendly facilities, spectacular architectural design, high technology management service, Hip Sing Hong Group provides flexible and convenient service to meet the business needs of clients.


    After five months of research and discussion, Hip Shing Hong Group decided to adopt SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management Solution to manage the group's properties, including luxurious real estate, shops and highly graded office building, etc. This is another project in the property industry for SAMEX, following DTZ. It consolidates the status of SAMEX in the property industry.

  • 12 September 2013
  • The National Centre of the Performing Art located at Beijing, China. With it size of over 12,000m², the opera house has a colloquial name of The Bird's Egg. The centre is an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass. It is surrounded by an artificial lake. In the three halls, it seats more than 5000 people. The designer is a French architect Paul Andreu and the opening was in 2007.


    The opera house has a huge number of equipment and facilities. The operation involves a wide range of high valued automation and assets. Because of the complexity, the cost of operation and maintenance is high. To achieve higher efficiency and a low cost operation, an effective facilities management solution is inevitable.


    Because of the characteristic of the National Theatre of Performing Art, they decided to introduce an advanced management concept of facilities management. SAMEX provides a very mature and a state of art solution in facilities and asset management. It became the first choice to The National Centre of the Performing Art .

  • 12 September 2013
  • CPCS – Cathay Pacific Catering Service (H.K.) Ltd. is one of the biggest flight kitchens in the world. With experience of over 40 years in the airline catering industry. CPCS supplied over 23 million meals to over thirty scheduled carriers operating out of Hong Kong international airport, more than 70% of the flight meals in HK


    It is a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways. CPCS also provides logistics service in delivering food and beverages.


    Located at the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok, there are different fixed asset and facilities that play key roles in day to day operation, from preparing to delivery. CPCS adopted SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management solution recently to increase efficiency and lower cost for asset maintenance.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Hunan Tianwen Printing Company is one of the largest state-owned enterprises. Established in 2001, its services included newspaper printing, publications printing, commercial printing, packaging and cultural goods production. The plant area covers an area of 250,000m2. Listed in 2010, the company produce 3.5 million prints, 22 million color prints and 200 million newspaper prints annually.


    In recent years, Tianwen Printing uses technological innovation and energy saving methods to strengthen the product quality. Through an effective assets acquisitions and overseas office establishment, the company is getting stronger and the market share has been increasing.


    After a series of investigation and internal discussion, the company decided to adopt SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management Solution to mange the fixed assets and facilities of the company in November 2011. The state of the art technology of SAMEX advanced the concept of excellent service and provided an effective solution to Tianwen Printing.


    Combined with the experience of SAMEX and the nature of Printing industry, SAMEX helped Tianwen to achieve the following objectives.


    Reducing the downtime of equipment and facilities and raising the production efficiency.


    Minimizing maintenance cost, monitoring different equipment by providing reminders for preventive maintenance and reducing unnecessary maintenance. Production time can be planned.


    Management refinement, standardization and computerized, information can be shard in real time, increasing the system efficiency, date consistency and accuracy.


    The management of maintenance safety, the safety module helps he enterprise to identify various safety hazards and potential accidents, as well as preventive measures to avoid accidents.


    Overall management of the enterprise's operation, Compare figures between different subsidiary and branches, for cost control and performance estimation.


    Enhancing inventory management by setting a reasonable minimum stock quantity and reducing unnecessary stock. Identify stock with codes, to ensure no repetition is possible.


    KPI center helps to analysis employees' and suppliers' performance by comparing service standards.


    Improving the overall efficiency of equipment and facilities by extending the life cycle and a better utilization of assets

  • 12 September 2013
  • Established in 2004, Giant Network Technology Co. Ltd. is a large Shanghai online game developer,


    It is a comprehensive and interactive company for development, R&D, operations, and sales for Online game. Giant has strong capital strength, advanced R & D capabilities, superb technical support capabilities, great sales ability, as well as a team which provides excellence customer service.


    Giant landed on the New York Exchange in 2007. It became one of the largest Chinese private enterprises and one of the biggest IT companies in the US capital markets,


    Recently, after some internal discussion, Giant selected DTZ property Management Company and SAMEX Asset and Facility Management system to assist with their day-to-day maintenance work. This helps to improve the effectiveness of the facilities and system, and to lower the maintenance cost when increasing the asset life cycle.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Honest Property in Shandong was established in September 1997. It was approved by the Ministry of Construction in 2005 as a national qualified property Management business. The company provides outstanding property service in Shandong Province.


    In 2004, Honest Property started cooperating with a world class property management company, Jones Lang LaSalle, a world Fortune 500 company. Honest Property becomes the sole partner of Jones Lang LaSalle in Shandong Province. Honest Property started importing the advanced international standard management from its partner, which improves the company's service and operation. Recently, Honest Property also adopted SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management System to increase the company's competitive advantage in the industry.


    Through SAMEX, Honest Properties wants to achieve the following objectives:


    • With the P2 development platform in SAMEX, Honest Properties can integrate its outsourced call center system and develop its own CRM – Customer Relationship Management System.
    • Connect to the CTI server to form a central management environment for phones system
    • Created a platform for staff to manage call in, service request, work orders and customer visit, to increase the efficiency of the operation.
    • Provide a better supervision mechanism to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the number of complaints
    • Speed up the time of service request processing, to improve the overall effectiveness of the user department.
    • Strengthen the CRM functionalities and increase the overall service level of the company.
  • 12 September 2013
  • PSA International Pte Ltd (PSA)M is the second largest port management company in the world. The major port of PSA is PSA Singapore Terminals, with two subsidiaries of PSA HNN and PSA Marine. At the moment, PSA operates 28 ports in 16 countries, located at Asia, Europe and America, with a huge TEU handling capacity.


    SAMEX mobile warehouse management system based on bar code technology, RFID (radio frequency identification technology) and modern warehousing lean management thinking developed Warehouse Management System, Warehouse automation management, the effective warehousing processes and space management, batch and single product management quickly out of storage and transfer of goods and dynamic inventory. automatically records under the flow of logistics, RFID, bar code technology and information processing technology combine to help us reasonable use of warehouse space to the fastest, the most accurate, lowest cost way for the best service for our customers.


    SAMEX Mobile Inventory module is based on a bar code technology, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology), an automated and modernized management system. It tackles the work flow and space management effectively with inventory in out, relocation of asset, etc. It creates a effective logistic flow to provide the best service by using this fastest low cost solution.


    Features of our Asset/ Facilities Management System
    Data Collection by PDA/ mobile device
    Through wireless network, there can be a real time communication with the back server
    The wireless network provides a secure, high efficient data transference with an expandable capability and easy installation
    Integrate with the existing network systems
    Ideal for a mobile operation with large amount of data and real time demand


    SAMEX EAM Benefits


    • Reducing inventory searching time by 50% -90%
    • Reducing delivery errors by 50% -90%
    • Increasing the inventory picking time by 30% -40%
    • Increase the inventory picking accuracy to over 99%
    • Reducing safety inventory by 10% -30%
    • Reducing the breach of contract / delayed delivery by 1% -10%
    • Improving inventory accuracy rate by 10% -50%
  • 12 September 2013
  • Singapore's national oil company is the largest oil and gas company, has the world's largest oil refinery, one of its main business is oil and gas development, production, refining, storage, distribution and trading of crude oil and petroleum products, etc. is a full supply chain oil companies.


    According to Singapore Petroleum Company demand, SAMEX has provided a new solution for on-site operations, which consists of two main parts: the software system and the mobile terminal (Windows Mobile-based technology, industrial grade PDA Pocket PC) via software system field operations can be flexibly defined tasks, these tasks can be downloaded through a wireless network to the mobile terminal employees, the workers in their daily inspections of equipment or operation of the process, by using handheld computers to get work instructions (to get rid of the cumbersome paper work records ), field collected data and completion of the work can be uploaded in real time through a wireless network to the backend database software for engineering or management personnel for review, thus greatly improving the transparency of field operations.


    SAMEX mobile operating system can actually deploy and manage any outdoor job tasks. Such as: complex equipment off on operating procedures, production inspection tasks, maintenance check or inspection tasks, equipment testing, security audits, environmental screening, emergency operating procedures. In asset-intensive industries, the mobile operating system, typical application is the equipment inspection and inspection operations management, it is mainly constructed a fault preventing execution mode - who, where, what tasks, to discover what problem. Therefore, the mobile operating system is more concerned about the implementation level, moreover, it is concerned that "found fault" of the entire implementation process


    We should say: "found fault" and "troubleshooting" is a good two indispensable aspects of device management, based on the "mobile operating system", the signs of incipient faults can be discovered. It helped "EAM" in a reasonable period of time , more targeted arrangements overhaul plan

  • 12 September 2013
  • Glory Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. is Japan GLORY Industry Co., Ltd. invested 60%, GLORY Shoji Co., Ltd. invested 40% of Japanese investment in China-owned enterprises, producing detectors, banknote sorter, banknote coin teller machines, other electronic equipment and related products. Glory (GLORY) as banknote management processor class brand in Japan, where industries of financial, distribution, transportation, gaming market have been highly supported. Founded in February 13, 2003, a total investment of $ 8.4 million, her primarily corporate clients include China, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank.


    Actually, the electronic product service management is a major challenge for glory. For instance, product maintenance history tracking, spare parts storage management, as well as procurement of spare parts. Therefore, in order to carry out better quality control of the product after-sales service, and after-sales service cost management, Glorious Electronics in Shenzhen has selected SAMEX EAM for their asset and maintenance management.


    Japan glorious Electronics adopted SAMEX EAM (Enterprise Asset Management - Enterprise Asset Management) and SLM (Service Life Cycle Management - Service Lifecycle Management) as total solution in asset management.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Heineken (Heineken Brouwerijen) is a Dutch brewing company. By 2006, Heineken has more than 130 breweries in 65 countries of the world, and Heineken has employed approximately 64,000 people. Heineken has brewed more than 170 kinds of beers.


    At 1920, Heineken brewery established abroad - Singapore brewery. "Tiger Beer" (Tiger Beer) is the new brand name for Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, Heineken also successfully entered the United States in 1933, became the first to enter the U.S. market, foreign brands of beer.


    Tiger Beer has already received more than forty international awards, including the 2004 World Cup beer gained the gold medal. Tiger Beer "taste fresh and mellow" is world-renowned. Tiger Beer "golden color" excellent quality has been recognized by consumers. Its strict quality control and high-quality raw materials to ensure the Tiger Beer pure taste.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Digital Beijing Building "digital era" new concept of accessible information and communications


    China's three major Olympic landmark buildings: "Bird's Nest", "Water Cube", but shaped like a huge "chip" of the "Digital Beijing" is also widely cited in the international community's attention. Located in the Beichen West Road, east side, in the famous "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube" north-west, "Digital Beijing" is visually simple and full of power. Compared to the "Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube", it does not cost much, but it's a simple manner, contains the philosophy of the Chinese people, and around the "Bird's Nest", "Water Cube" and so full of decorative style buildings forming a in contrast, "Digital Beijing" sense of technology is not reflected in the appearance of the shell, but it creates a system of high-tech content hosting.


    "Digital Beijing" inside the main building of buildings, including the communications room, business office space and related facilities and so on. Government data and the Olympic technical support center. Its main functions are: in accordance with the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee approved technology strategic planning, technical equipment configuration strategy and technical support services to plan, organize Olympic ( Paralympic ) technology to run. Including the recognition of Olympic ( Paralympic ) technology needs, coordinate resources, organization of products and technical services contractor, according to plan prescribed location, time and standards for all competition venues and non-competition venues to provide technical systems, equipment and technical support services ; during the event, management and deployment of all technical systems, related equipment and human resources ; monitoring event communications and information technology systems running status report to the main sports center ; guidance stadiums technical operations, to provide emergency technical support to ensure that all technical venues the problem is resolved within the specified time ; according to BOCOG advocated "Continental spirit," and "the same task, the same team" concept, do a good job, including the organizing committee staff, partners and volunteers, including employees technical team building technology systems for the smooth running of the Olympic Games to provide reliable protection.


    SAMEX fulfills the "Digital Beijing" needs to develop a full range of equipment management information solutions, after the implementation of the system, it has the following advantages:


    • establish knowledge base maintenance work platform, which improves work efficiency
    • provide better customer service and regulatory mechanisms to reduce complaints, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction
    • enhance single-speed transmission service requests and handling, improve work efficiency of service department
    • enhance the transparency of the material inventory, reduce unnecessary inventory
    • provide more comprehensive data to analysis performance of facilities and equipment, and customer service-related
    • improve return on assets facilities (ROI), overall utilization (OEE), extending their life cycle
  • 12 September 2013
  • Beijing Wang Xin Property Management Company Limited


    Founded in 1999, the main business of property management company has been committed to the advanced property management philosophy to a high standard to create professional property management. After ten years of continuous exploration and sum up experience of scientific management, advanced equipment management, and professional characteristics of the economic entity which has bring her certificate of qualified property management companies from ​​the Ministry of Construction. Through the authority of the audit, Wang Xin obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 Trinity certificate. "Wang Xin" trademark has achieved national Administration for Industry and Trademark Office issued a trademark registration certificates. The jurisdiction of the buildings in six project won the "National Model Building Property Management" title, seven projects were "Beijing outstanding property management Building (community)" title.


    Operational management of the company has an area of ​​nearly two million square meters, and its property services involving Class 5A intelligent office building (office), including communications room buildings, residential areas, sports stadiums, training centers, etc. Services include: building maintenance, equipment and facilities maintenance, security, fire control, cleaning, landscaping, road vehicle management, catering, conference services, a variety of conventional and special services.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Shenzhen Beauty Star Company Limited is a state owned company that in specialize in cosmetic packaging design, development, production and sales. It uses environmentally friendly and recycled materials which makes it a top national advanced company. Headquarter located at Shenzhen, with regional production plants/ R & D centers in Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are also regional offices in Europe and USA.


    The customers of the company are mainly internationally renowned cosmetics companies. Some are Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal, Shiseido, Unilever, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, Avon, Colgate, etc. It became a global supplier by having a stable relationship with its customers.


    The company adopted SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management Solution to manage all the production lines and fixed assets in the three large production base in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum


    Formerly established in March 1951, Southwest Museum. June 1955 Yin Xinan region revoked, it renamed as Chongqing Municipal Museum, in September 2000 the State Council approved the establishment of Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum (Chongqing Museum).


    After nearly five years of preparation and re-construstion, Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum officially opened on June 18, 2005. Museum covers an area of ​​30,000 square meters, construction area of ​​42,500 square meters and the exhibition area of ​​23,225 square meters. There has 184 active employees; 14 internal departments, in which seven research departments: Collection, Research Department, Department of Archaeology, Chongqing Three Gorges Paleoanthropology. The Three Gorges region Cultural Institute, Chongqing Institute of war heritage, heritage restoration center; has with the United States 西雅图贝克 Museum, the National Museum of Wales, UK, France Toulouse Museum, Egyptian Nubia museums and other famous museums signed a friendship and cooperation letter of intent, and with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Peru, Russia, India, Japan, Israel and other relevant agencies to organize cultural heritage art exhibitions; existing permanent exhibition 10, an average annual launch and the introduction of 30 temporary exhibitions, an average annual 1.5 million audience reception.


    Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum in succession Southwest Museum, the Chongqing Municipal Museum rich heritage, based on continuous reform and innovation, forge ahead, and overall improved collections, exhibitions, academic research, education and social services, becoming the first national museum. It is the national museum nurturing object, national patriotism education bases, national youth education base, and the science base in Chongqing.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Hsin Ying Property Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


    Listed companies in Hong Kong - Hsin Chong Holdings Limited in January 2003 in Shenzhen, incorporated a wholly owned subsidiary, and was then passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. New entrants are foreign-owned enterprises, the Shenzhen Property Management Association. Adhering to the Group a strong corporate culture, drawing on our advanced management experience in the industry, according to a high standard with the creation of new entrants unique, tailored to Chinese conditions and consistent with international practice management mode, to provide owners with a high-quality property management services. During the past five years, Hsin Ying has made considerable progress. And the experience gained over the country applied to the management of projects, operation system and service standards have been standing in the forefront of the industry. Management level in the peer to the fore.

    New leadership and facilities management engineers have selected SAMEX asset management solution for their management of facilities and service.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Radio Frequency


    Translated from English Radio Frequency Identification, referred to RFID, is the 1990s the rise of a non-contact automatic identification technology, radio frequency (RFID) technology compared to conventional barcode (Bar Code) technology has a non-contact, reading speed, no wear and tear, and other characteristics of data written back in order to achieve target identification and data exchange purposes. RFID is more wear, without environmental impact, long life, easy to use features and with anti-collision function, can simultaneously handle multiple cards. Because of these advantages, it has now been applied in many industries, including animal husbandry, logistics, medical and so on. However, in many other industries, RFID universal application frequency is not high.


    SAMEX, with 15 years experience of equipment and services of asset management, understanding that RFID in this arena can bring us value. For example, in the regular and fixed-point inspection of the capital equipment and facilities, how do we ensure the venue facilities have been thoroughly checked? While assets moving around in a large plant or stadiums (such as airport baggage carts and hospital beds), how do companies monitor each facility's latest position? Furthermore, while there is a work order needs distribution to employees or outsourcing company, how do the company evaluate their service performance? Therefore, SAMEX input the advantage of the use of RFID technology in their asset management solutions, for resolving these difficult operational issues.

  • 12 September 2013
  • SAMEX4.09 on November 11, 2010 officially released, as opposed to SAMEX 4.06 version, SAMEX 4.09 has the following changes:


    • system is more flexible and convenient; the system is more stable
    • improved upgrade feature, allowing users do upgrade more easily
    • increased the data objects and application configuration import and export functions, allowing users adopt new applications into production environment quickly
    • improved the flexibility of attachment management capabilities
    • increased the functionality of the application module management.
  • 12 September 2013
  • Flowers and trees in urban construction plays an essential role, so that there is a challenge in the management of trees. Withered trees will cause life and property losses if we didn't take good management of them. Therefore, the Chinese University of Hong Kong implements SAMEX's wireless RF technology management solution for their horticulture management.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Jushi Group Company Ltd located in China's most active geographic centre of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle. With this geographical advantage, it gained opportunities of the Chinese economic development and it became a world-renowned enterprise that focus on the production of glass fiber.


    Until now, Jushi Group Company has established three major production bases in Zhejing , Jianxi and Sichuan. There are also holding subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, India, Italy, Singapore and France. A global marketing network is created.


    After three months of investigations, studies and visits to SAMEX's partner, facilities officer and IT managers agreed to adopt SAMEX as their Enterprise asset and facilities management solution. With its flexibility and simplicity in usage, SAMEX offer Jushi Group an effective and efficient solution.

  • 12 September 2013
  • Resorts World Sentosa is located in Singapore's Sentosa Island, covers an area of ​​49 hectares (about Sentosa Island one-tenth of the total area), nearly $ 6.6 billion Singapore dollars (about 30 billion yuan), the beginning of 2010 has been formally opened. Resorts World Sentosa Southeast Asia nowl have a unique Universal Studios theme park, the world's largest marine life park, chef restaurants and designer shops, all kinds of entertainment shows as well as six different styles of star hotels and so on. Expected after the opening, the first year of World Sentosa would have 12-13 millions accommodate tourists from around the world, becoming a tourist destination in Singapore proud.


    By implementing our SAMEX mobile suite solution, it has enhanced the process of the work order and the state of real-time interaction. Thus it has greatly improved the work order execution and feedback speed. The work order to complete the feedback shortened half to one day. Through on-site personnel positioning, quantitative, calibration and other process management tools to improve on-site field staff efficiency, accuracy, make on-site management has become in control.

  • 12 September 2013
  • The modern corporate management emphasis on the use of fixed assets,as to produce high-quality goods and services, namely asset management. Asset management ensures fixed assets to make the best use of safety operation and to reduce operating and maintenance costs. EAM is a computerized asset management and maintenance system (CMMS), it helps businesses to get better results from assets information management tools, and gradually improve maintenance efficiency and reduce costs. This article will explain EAM from the enterprise asset maintenance needs, maintenance software system requirements and asset maintenance management HR structure. Equipment often accounts for a major part of the corporate assets, in the following article there will be more elaboration.


    Corporate requirement for asset management:


    Introducing technology and advanced production equipment is one main way for enterprise to increase productivity and product quality. Nowadays, many companies have invested huge amounts of capital to acquire various types of advanced equipment in order to produce first class products, to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and to meet the market demand. Therefore, building a strong scientific and effective production security system can ensure the operation of production equipment, minimize equipment failure, reduce maintenance cost, guarantee a safety production, standardize operating procedure, organize and manage underlying data as to establish a management model for future development and information sharing. These all play a irreplaceable role in a strong organization.。


    Corporate requirement for maintenance software system


    As a software system that can both satisfy the needs for maintenance management and the future development and sustainability of asset management, it must first meet the requirement of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Firstly, it is using proven technology, tested by a large number of actual users. Secondly, this kind of system has a high degree of flexibility and configurability; it can provide users with excellent customer tool, helpdesk and analysis tool. Thirdly, the software should be a chain of closed-loop system which helps business to achieve all aspects of information sharing. The above are the main three factors that a Asset Management software should have.


    Asset Management HR structure:

    Most asset management operation in a corporate is managed by the engineering or the asset management department, they undertake the entire factory production and equipment maintenance management, including inventory procurement and 2 level materials management. An asset management team is combined of the supervisor, technician, squad leader, facilities manager and maintenance workers. The supervisor and technician will be responsible for formulating the rules for maintenance, planning the future maintenance work and summarizing asset data statistic. Facilities managers are responsible for monitoring maintenance rules and specific maintenance work order and manage workers. Maintenance work will work according to the work order and report the fault and working procedure.


    The key business processes of Asset Management:

    Asset management has 2 parts, the early phase management and a later phase management. The preliminary management includes equipment selection, asset procurement, asset receiving, spare parts defined and coded. A later phase management includes the movement of equipment, maintenance plans for preventive maintenance, unplanned maintenance emergency repairs and fault analysis. These are embodied in the six major business processes.


    Business Process 1 – build up a set of documentation of assets and spare parts

    Procurement department signed contract with suppliers and have the information and related documents sent to asset management department to establish the inventory item account. Through these information and data, technician will then establish the storage location with account and card to create a platform for inquiries and audits.


    Business Process 2 – Make a maintenance plan for assets

    Facilities Mangers will develop a maintenance plan according to the inventory data and card for preventive maintenance of equipment and asset.


    Business Process 3 – An organized asset management and maintenance

    Facilities manager create a maintenance plans and PM. These work orders will be transfer to technician and maintenance leaders and they will assign it to the responsible workers. During the process, workers need to fill out a worksheet. Maintenance leader will monitor the work and complete the work order once it is done and the work order will be sent for inquiries and analysis.


    Business Process 4 – Unplanned asset maintenance and repair

    Users report failure of equipment to facility department. Maintenance leader will assign the work order to the responsible worker according to the service request. Workers will work according to the work order and data is sent back for inquiries and analysis.


    Business Process 5 - Urgent Equipment failure repair

    Users report failure in equipment that needs an urgent report. After the approval from officer, workers are sent to repair the equipment. After receiving the completed work order, data is sent for inquiries and analysis.


    Business Process 6 – Inquiries, analysis and statistics

    This business process includes spare parts inventory, location of assets, transference history of assets, MTBF – Mean time between failure, maintenance and work order, failure report and procurement, etc.


    The Enterprise Asset Management system is especially suitable for companies with high numbers of asset and equipment that are highly valued. For examples, power plants, power transmission companies, machinery factories, airports, airlines, railways, transportation enterprise, oil plant, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, printing, computer and electronics manufacturers. Through maintenance plan and tracking, dynamic inventory, spare parts procurement control, supplier management, cost control, human resources management, companies can achieve a highly integrated and operational level of static and dynamic science of data processing. It meets the requirement of advance production equipment for the modern production organization and to enable enterprise to adapt to the changing market competition.