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Information and Sharings

  • 25 November 2014
  • How to implement IOT industrial application--------SAMEX solution


    The Concept of "The Internet of Things":


    IOT is an important part of the new generation of information technology, its English name "THE INTERNET OF THINGS". As implied, the internet of things is such an internet in which things are closely connected with each other. Thereby, it means that on the one hand its core and foundation is still the internet, an extended and expanded network; on the other hand, its end users extend and expand it info exchanges and communication between things, which is so called things connection. Thus, exactly speaking, the internet of things is "things connection internet ". Internet of things, through intelligent perception, recognition technology and ubiquitous computing, is in wide internet application. Thus, it is called, after the computer and the Internet, the third wave of information industry development. IOT is the application extension of the Internet. IOT is said to be a kind of service and application rather than a network. Therefore, the application innovation is the core of IOT development; furthermore, the user-experience oriented innovation is the soul of IOT development.


    The definition of IOT

    It is a kind of network in which communication technologies, like local area network or the Internet, in a certain new way, connects all elements together such as sensor, controller, machine, personnel and things, etc, forming close connections between human being and things, also between various things, and further realizing informatization, remote management control and intelligentization. IOT is the extension of the Internet, embracing all resources of the Internet and from the Internet, integrating all internet application, while IOT is different from internet, for in it, all elements (all equipment, resources and communication) are individual and private.


    SAMEX help Ruian city planning exhibition hall centralize monitoring air conditioning


    Application background


    Ruian City Planning Exhibition Hall is a key project of Ruian city, an important window to display the city’s construction achievements. Hence, Ruian government spent great efforts in the construction. With delicate appearance design, the hall adopts the latest environmental-protection ideas and pays much attention to energy saving. For this hall, the main energy consumption is from air conditioning. Thus, how to rationally use air-conditioning is very crucial for energy saving. Thereby, the owners hope to realize remote centralized and intelligent control on all Media-branded air conditioning units. There are 2 floors in the hall, 52 air conditioning internal units on the 1st floor and 34 units on 2nd floor.


    Application Process


    The realization of remote centralized and intelligent control on all air-conditioning lies in connecting all air conditioning units to the gateway, so as to make communications between PC and units. Also, the hardware is the control gateway in Midea air conditioning equipment. The physical topology structure is seen below:

    Information exchanges and control between the gateway and PC are realized by Modbus RTU. In PC end, the graphical way is adopted to connect each air conditioning unit, in order to operate the air conditioning on & off / operating mode setting / automatic timing on & off.


    Effect Analysis

    • Having realized centralized control and monitoring on all air conditioning units, and improved the operators’ work efficiency;
    • Having achieved the intelligent setting of operation time on all air conditioning units;
    • Having really saved energy, by centralized control and intelligent operation time setting on all conditioning units.


    Prospects and expectations


    SAMEX IOT solutions not only lie in the things connection, but also in whole life span management of all things, including predictive and preventative maintenance brought by real-time monitoring, and the inevitable corrective maintenance during their life cycles. With IOT, all these tasks will become extremely easy and simple. It can not only match accounts and physical things easily, but more importantly make earlier predictions for many industrial accidents caused by equipment faults, so as to prevent them from happening.

    For Ruian city planning exhibition hall, it is considered how to better guarantee the life cycle of air conditioning units, and, based on the current successful case of IOT air conditioning, how to adopt this management method to other equipment, such as fire fighting and elevator system. Thereby, all assets facilities in this hall can be further guaranteed and the percentage of return on investment (ROI) of strategic assets will be increased. All are also the next actions of this city hall.


    It is worth mentioning that, the IOT project in Ruian city planning exhibition hall is only one of many SAMEX asset management cases, including:

    • 1. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited building facilities management system: (developed by SAMEX connecting things with Honeywell system, building automation system ) adopted in its Data Center Building.
    • 2. Envision Energy Limited operation and maintenance management system of equipment life cycle: ( developed by SAMEX making thing connections with wind power units).
  • 25 November 2014
  • Science and technology is the human resource


    The mission of hospitality industry is to provide well-qualified services to satisfy guests’ demands. Thus, how to improve quality and win competitiveness is the fundamental pursuit for hospitality industry managers. There is a common saying in hotel industry---“excellent services are the decisive element in the final victory”. What guests buy from their first step into hotels is nothing but excellent and considerate services. Then how to offer becomes a common goal for people in hospitality industry.


    Success elements of hospitality industry


    The service quality is the survival foundation in hospitality industry. Besides employee work attitude, professional ethics, the most important element is whether the guests’ requests are promptly solved, whether their complaints are patiently followed up, whether hotels have a set of professional compliant & analysis mechanism to make pointed improvement and whether hotel services, relying on hotel facilities and equipment, well meet customers’ physical and mental satisfaction, etc. All these are an important part in running hotel.


    How to well manage hotel service request and asset facilities


    Nowadays, the various and individual guests’ demands require higher service quality. It commonly exists in hospitality industry that five-star facilities work with two-star services. Apart employee’s behavior, hotels need timely and patiently deal with guests’ service requests, find out fundamental causes of these requests, and completely solve them.

    Meanwhile, the asset facilities’ correct use and maintenance largely determine hotel reputation. Even improper maintenance of small equipment or the lack of spare parts would seriously cause the operation fault of the large equipment, further affecting the guests’ will to check in and eventually leading to the hotel losses.

    Currently, many hotel asset facilities are in a disorderly management: on the one hand, most of facilities maintenance employees are busy with “emergent” work, rather than with “important” tasks. For example, the engineering department, in order to ensure hotel normal operation, spends a lot of labors, material resources, and time in urgently repairing frontline equipment, while the regular maintenance of important equipment cannot be properly guaranteed. (Such as boiler, chiller, pump, pipeline, etc.). Such situation inevitably results in higher system failure rate, which, in return, directly influences hotel management and cost control and worse forms vicious circle. On the other hand, facility management disorder is also reflected in the poor management of facilities made by hotel itself, which forms the improper use and maintenance of equipment, causing frequent operation failure.

    SAMEX hotel facilities and service management system, a set of software management system developed by more than 10 professional consultants for years, offers whole life cycle management of services and asset facilities for hospitality industry and service-oriented apartments.


    SAMEX management system can help us:

    • Enhance the management and process monitoring of facility-maintenance work orders, strengthen coordination between maintenance employees, and improve productivity.
    • perfect customer services and supervision mechanism, reduce complaints and increase guests’ satisfaction.
    • speed up delivery and handling service requests and improve the user departments (eg: housekeeping department) work efficiency.
    • raise inventory transparency and lower unnecessary materials.
    • expedite the purchase approval processes, reduce losses caused by approval delay, and cut down overall purchasing cost.
    • manage, in larger and deeper scopes, work performance (KPI) and service level (SLA) of facilities, employees, outsourcing suppliers.
    • reduce overall asset ownership cost, simplify operation processes and trace approval processes.
    • provide knowledge base management, automatically accumulate experience, and level up the overall maintenance ability.
    • offer more comprehensive data support for decision-making related with facilities, equipment and customer services.
    • increase the percentage of return of investment in asset facility (ROI), and the use ratio of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and prolong life cycle.

    Hotel facilities and service management system guarantees our daily maintenance work orders operate steadily. Meanwhile, inventory reduction and faster purchasing approval obviously brings us great value. More importantly, it helps us quickly trace the failure causes and find solutions as soon as possible.

    -- Peter Lofgren, group manager of Engineering Department, Hongkong Mandarin Hotel Group


    SAMEX strong and practical functions help hotels realize more value


    The work order management module: to control work order schedule, status, and cost; to automatically generate preventive maintenance orders securing proper facility maintenance services so as to achieve sound and stable operation. Work orders can be placed by sending text messages via mobile phones. The module can even support PDA, avoiding unnecessary multiple input, shortening process and improving efficiency.

    Inventory management module: to deal with materials receiving &sending; to trace transaction records; the reorder tool and the materials-turnover calculator permit customers to reasonably reduce inventory and to supplement spare parts timely when work orders are due. SAMEX also provides PDA mobile solution, offering more convenient and effective inventory check and dispatching function for warehouse employees.

    Purchasing module: to simplify a series of approval processes from purchasing request to purchase order until final payment, meanwhile keeping auditing capability. With the work-flow and mail approval, customers can further experience the economic benefits brought by advanced science and technology.

    Asset equipment account: to provide clear asset equipment information record, including maintenance &repair history, cost, detailed technical specifications, and their MTBF, MTTR, etc; each set of equipment has its own independent identification card, recording all transactions during the whole life cycle. Moreover, mobile assets auditor, developed by SAMEX, allows the management companies and owners to comprehensively understand their asset lists and equipment’s detailed specifications.

    Information desk management: to handle all service requests, including complaints, from the reception offices, the operation rooms and guest rooms. This module can promise all requests to be properly followed and well solved, enhancing communications between departments, and improving customer satisfaction.

    Contract management: to make clear contract records, like prices, maintenance & repair ranges, KPI and SLA, signed between hotels and vendors or outsourcing companies, a reference for future procurement and also a basis for the outsourcing performance appraisal.

    Report analysis: to do cost analysis and failure analysis for different systems ( like: water supply and drainage, heating ventilation air conditioning, power supply, elevator, etc), in addition to KPI check, employee and supplier’s performance analysis report.


    With China further opening up, the competition in hospitality industry heats up. Daily increasing hotel competitors and more picky guests force the whole industry to implement stricter management and cost control so as to remain profitable. Thereby, for hotels, it has become a priority to adopt a set of excellent facilities and service management system, instead of the traditional operation model handled with labors and paper work, to lower equipment failure rate, to perfect service quality, etc.

    ---- David Ting, General Manager, SAMEX Systems Limited.


    About SAMEX


    With enterprise assets management (abbr: EAM) as its business background, SAMEX Software system Development Corporation Limited (SAMEX), a professional Hong Kong software Development company, is a solution company, specialized in asset facilities management consulting, management training and the integration in science and technology applications. In Southeast Asia, SAMEX is the first company to introduce EAM/CAFM concept. As early as 1992, driven by the booming development of property facilities and asset equipment management in western countries, SAMEX founded the Hong Kong branch of International Facility Management Association (IFMA), and in 1993, SAMEX successfully implemented its first set of asset facility management system. In 2000, SAMEX played an critical role in the foundation of the Hong Kong International Facility Management Association (HKIFM).

    SAMEX China branch was established in Shenzhen in 2007, its R & D center also moving there accordingly. Now our businesses mainly focus on promoting the integration solution of the asset management across big cities in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. We also regularly held or attend Asia Pacific Region Facilities Management Seminar as an active member.

    In the past 16 years, SAMEX have successfully supplied the first class asset facilities management systems to different customers, covering airport fields, real estate developers, hotels, hospitals, universities and colleges, government organizations, infrastructure-facility companies and multinational corporations, etc. By far, our customers include several major Hong Kong universities and colleges (eg: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Institute of Education), Hong Kong Land, luxury hotels (such as Four Seasons Hotel, Mandarin Hotel Group), the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Pacific Century Cyber Works (Abbr: PCCW), Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Hong Kong Disneyland, Cyber port, Ocean Park, etc. A common point among these customers is that they all have very important strategic asset facilities. SAMEX solution can keep their far-reaching value stable and safe.

    We, SAMEX, witness the gradual development and mature of asset management and facilities management system in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and China. Now, by helping more and more clients, our experience is fully playing its role in the new stage.