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SAMEX Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Assets are the essential resources for an Enterprise to run. A robust Fixed Asset Management (FAM) model can streamline the enterprise financial management as well as resource allocation. However, a majority of enterprise has a sub-par FAM model and its effectiveness could not meet up with the management need in this information era.
These enterprises still uses pen and paper or spreadsheet program for FAM. This outdated management can lower FAM efficiency and costs waste of resources and essentially harm the enterprise financially.


Fundamental Knowledge for Enterprise on Asset Management


As a professional consultant firm for EAM, SAMEX helps numerous clients to deal with these problems. Experience tells us that, FAM department of all large enterprises need a common information management platform. On the platform, both management department and their outsourced companies can discharge their daily business tasks and duties. This platform should double as a management system for operation, as well as a source of information to the managerial staff. Besides, as a benchmark platform to evaluate vendor performances, the platform should be able to include these outsourced vendors into current operation and management model. We should even provide a portal platform for our enterprise and asset owner to understand their assets’ status and KPI through this portal. In FAM sense, it’s best to have a unified management platform, on which these performance indicators should be available: KPI, SLA, overall operation efficiency and economic benefits management.


Features of the SAMEX FAM Solution


Asset Catalog


Cycle Count


Transfer / Relocate


Asset Leasing / Rental


Depreciation / Re-valuation

For the calculation of depreciation of the assets:


Asset Disposal

For the disposal of assets:


Mining Reporting Tools


Label Creation and Printing


Other auto-executed functions

Asset depreciation and relevant email alert will be processed automatically in SAMEX System, but there’s more – our system has the built-in Task Scheduler and Auto Reminder function for a more comprehensive support to your Enterprise:


Batch import/export/update of data


One of the popular features of SAMEX is the spreadsheet support. For every application (and every form), SAMEX provides convenient support to data import, export and batch update to and from the most common spreadsheet format – MS Excel (97-2003). Users can define the Target Object for the data import/update, or the Source Object to export data for the system to generate an Excel .xls file. With this feature, Enterprise can carry out batch data import, export and update with ease.


System Administration

Please click here to download pdf