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Nowadays, competitive pressures force organizations to minimize asset total cost of ownership and streamline their asset management operations (these typically involve myriad activities ranging from inventory parts and human resource management to contracts and vendor management for new works). As downtimes become increasingly expensive, both in terms of lost production capacity and unfavorable publicity, organizations are compelled to maximize their asset productive life cycles via optimal maintenance programs. When EAM is used in collaboration with all other forms of service-based operations to achieve better customer retention, it is called Service Lifecycle Management (SLM).


In the event of asset failure, quick response time is critical. In recent years, stringent industry-specific environmental health and occupational safety regulations are being enforced by government oversight agencies, with industrial owners and operators responsible for compliance. Asset registers, risk registers, work planning and scheduling, life cycle costing and systematic methods for problem identification, root cause analysis and continuous improvement are increasingly seen as prerequisites for a robust asset management system.


SAMEX is a leading Enterprise Asset and Service Management software, also known as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), developed with more than 20 years industry knowledge. Built on a powerful, single software development platform, the web-based software provides comprehensive information for the assets and services that the enterprise relies on. With SAMEX, it increases the company's information transparency, the profitability, the competence and the sustainability.


For any assets, either they are strategic equipments in the production plant, a big facility building, transportation fleets, or their storeroom inventories, IT assets, or customer service requests, SAMEX provides the complete set of tool for their entire life cycle management.


SAMEX mainly aims at the enterprise management of two fields in fixed asset and administrative assets, namely:


Enterprise Fixed Asset Management (FAM) in Administrative and Financial Perspectives

Fixed assets are a essential resource for every enterprise. A streamlined fixed asset management model is a financial requirement of an enterprise; an improved resource allocation is also essential for the fulfilment of the governmental requirement for a low-carbon environmental friendly economy. Unfortunately, the existing fixed asset management model of most enterprises could not cope of the managerial need of this information era.


A lot of enterprises still use either the old pen-and-paper method or Spreadsheet programs (like Microsoft Excel) to register and update their fixed asset records, lacking effectiveness and efficiency. This kind of management might be a hindrance to management and lower the resource usability, in extreme cases, the asset management work will be not in order, causing wasting and harm to the enterprise..


Enterprise Fixed Asset Management is the main focus of the SAMEX FAM, this feature encompasses the cycle count, deployment, rental, changes (e.g. depreciation, disposal, and damage) etc., of fixed assets. The main purpose is to provide robust management the vast number of non-productive equipment in the enterprise (e.g. logistic equipment/administrative fixed assets), ensuring the bookkeeping is up-to-date and accurate.


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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in Maintenance, Spare Parts, Procurement Management of Enterprise Equipments

SAMEX EAM is the core feature of the SAMEX asset management solution. Utilizing the Asset Catalog as the base, SAMEX allows the professional management of all preventive maintenance and temporary repair work orders to be carried out, while preserving the intergrity of the relevant inventory control, item procurement, as well as the necessary approval process.


The value that enterprises gain from SAMEX:

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SAMEX are designed for many industries: