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Mobile Asset Inspector for SAMEX

SAMEX Mobile Asset Inspector is another add-on Asset Management tool by SAMEX. Its functionality includes:

Asset List Collection- Any large organization has a lot of assets. Whether they are facility assets, production equipments, office administrative assets (i.e photo copy machines and furnitures), or any other types of assets. Keeping track of these items accurately is often a very tedious task and also due to this 'tedious', it is often hesitated by the organization. SAMEX Mobile Asset Inspector makes this a task simple, and help keep track of accurate information relating to these assets easily.


Asset Information Updating – Due to the constant changes involved with these assets, such as owner and location changes for notebook computers, projectors, furniture items, precision instruments as well as the meter readings for various production equipments, a simple PDA solution can help reduce the cost involved and improve efficiency and accuracy in keeping tack of the changes related to these items.


Create Service Requests on the palm - During the asset inspection process, users can create the SR directly from the PDA to keep track of items which requires follow up action and services.


Asset Locating - Using RFID technology, to search and update the location of items which are often moved around.


Once the documentation of the assets is completed, the information can then be automatically sent to the SAMEX Asset Management System.


Technical Specifications