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SAMEX Mobile Inventory Manager

SAMEX Mobile Inventory Manager is developed specifically to simplify and reduce the hassles of daily operations of the inventory storeroom workers. It has the following functions:


Inventory Cycle Count - using Barcode and RFID technology, greatly reducing the workload involved in inventory Cycle Count (Physical Count) whilst improving accuracy through automatic the latest technology


Material Issuing - Due to the tremendous number and variety of items stored in the storeroom, it is often difficult and time consuming to retrieve the correct items, which leads to delay of the work execution. The Mobile Inventory Manager can help speed up the material issuing process, thus significantly reducing the time required to complete the works.


Purchase Receiving - every time a purchased item received in the organization, a tremendous amount of time and effort is spent on recording information such as PO, Quantity and Parts matching. With the mobile PDA, time involved is reduced by over 70% whilst improving the accuracy of documentation.


Inventory Balances Enquiry - Real time and instantly check the parts availability and their location distribution, it provides a great convenience for the craftsmen to decide which storeroom they should go, or create a PR/PO instead.


Technical Specifications: