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SAMEX Training

As an ideal solution for EAM and CMMS, SAMEX has many features that might be potentially unexplored by clients. Using our product effectively according to client's industrial need will definitely contribute to maximize their ROI.


SAMEX Systems Limited is not only a software house, but is also, essentially, an EAM consultancy. The difference between the two is the former "asks about what to do", and the latter "suggests what the clients to do". It is likely that the clients need to have professional suggestions and how the suggested solution be applied on other successful enterprises - the clients don't merely need a "programmer".


As an EAM/CMMS solution, SAMEX serves the purposes of minimizing accident rate and maintenance costs, as well as being a comprehensive customizable asset management solution.


To ensure clients can understand the product knowledge and the rationale behind the design during daily use, and to ensure a smooth staff handover for new staff to acquire product knowledge on our product, from time to time, SAMEX Systems Limited will hold training programmes, including: