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SAMEX - Hotel Engineering and Service Management Solution

The Success Factors of a Good Hotel


Good customer service is one of the most critical factor in the success of any hotel. Aside from the professional attitude of the staff, one of the most important aspects to attain customer satisfaction is the way speed in which service requests are handled and resolved.


Any good hotel should have a good Service Request and Maintenance Management system, to handle and follow through with the calls and requests from its customers efficiently and expeditiously, and to ensure the smooth daily operation of the facility. The operations should be seamless and invisible to its guests, and all this is achievable through the use and support of an effective Service Request and Maintenance System such as SAMEX.


How to ensure good customer service in a Hotel ?


Customers are much more demanding nowadays, and they often want immediate response and resolutions to their issues. No matter what the star rating of the hotel is, customers always demand 5 star service. Aside from service attitude, the use of a good hotel management system will ensure speedy response to the customers requests, as well as finding out the root cause and providing the appropriate solutions to resolve the issues.


Often, not properly taking care of small maintenance items, could cause a lot of nuisance to the guests, resulting in damaging the reputation of a hotel. This would cause significant looses to a hotel.


Currently, many hotel operations are taking a reactive approach to maintenance issues, mostly busily responding to "urgent" but not "important" repair issues, and neglecting the importance of "Preventive Maintenance", resulting in poor maintenance practices which fail to address the underlying maintenance issues, adversely affecting the smooth operation of the hotel. SAMEX could resolve all these issues.


SAMEX System can help us:



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