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IT Asset and Service Management Solution

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a methodology designed for the organization's IT systems in their Planning, Development, Implementation and Operation, it's an discipline.


It started from ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library), which is a standard IT service management library developed in 1980 by CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) of UK. ITSM standardized the IT systems management and formed a principal approach in IT system planning, development, implementation and operation for the organizations' IT departments.


Currently, this approach has been widely accepted by many organizations in Europe, Australia and America. Around 40-60% IT managers in Europe know ITSM, and 30-40% in America, whilst still a new subject to Asia's IT managers.


ITSM is a methodology, a tool and experiences are still required to implement it. SAMEX, the best-of-class solution, with it's powerful flexibility and service tracking capability (i.e the SLA and KPI), combined with the workflow engine, people and technology, ensures the incidents and problems management, as well as the service quality management.


SAMEX design concept in ITSM and IT Asset Management: