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Asset and Service Management for Manufacturing

China is known as the "World Factory". The manufacturing industry is already established as one of the main pillars of the economy, and the value contributes towards 50% of China's national GDP. Proper Production Management and Maintenance Management can significantly impact on the operations of the factories and quality of the products produced. Many factories have adopted management models such as Six Sigma, and ISO9001 etc. to manage and improve their operations.


However, in the area of production equipments maintenance, many are still keeping to the axiom of "Only Fix When Fails", or not abiding by the 80/20 rule ( ratio between pro-active maintenance / reactive maintenance ), and often reversing the stated ratio, resulting in poor maintenance practice, thus lowering the production capacity and effectiveness. .


Proper maintenance is critical to the success of any manufacturing operation. Any DOWNTIME in the production line, will result in significant loss in production capacity and revenue, impacting on the bottom line of the company.


The current method of manual paper based repairs and maintenance system, is not only inefficient and in-effective, but it is literally impossible to keep track of all maintenance activities ( time based, meter based and condition based repairs ), resources, spare parts inventory and purchases to ensure smooth and trouble free operations. In additional, there is limited capacity for any analysis to improve the operational efficiency.


SAMEX Asset Management System for Manufacturing


In any manufacturing plants, work stoppage and downtime will significantly impact on the bottom line of any operation. A good Asset Management System not only ensures operational safety and prevents un-necessary work stoppage, it can also improve the overall working environment and enhancing production quality.


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