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Mining, Steel and Metallurgy Industry Solution

Following the global economic development, and China's acceptance into the World Trade Organization, the mining industry in China is facing fierce competition, both from within and outside of China. In order to compete and survive in this global arena, China's mining industry has to raise its efficiency and competitiveness, decreasing its operational costs, and maintaining a healthy profit margin, and to establish oneself a solid position in the marketplace..


China's Current Situation in Mining Industry


With the continuing advancement in technology, management methodologies and increasing quality control, The management of China's mining industry is gradually catching up to international standards. However, in the area of assets management and logistics management of such production plants, there is still a significant difference when compared to other international companies. As a result, there is un-necessarily time and money loss in machine downtimes, ineffective inventory controls and costly maintenance management processes. As facilities maintenance account for about 5% of the total asset value, any improvement in its operations will have a significant impact on the bottom line of an organization.


During the 50s and 60s, the standard practice is REACTIVE Maintenance, and in the 80's, the concepts of PLANNED Maintenance have been adopted. Nowadays, we have moved from the concepts of PREVENTIVE Maintenance to TOTAL PRODUCTION Maintenance ( TPM ) , RELIABILITY CONTROL Maintenance ( RCM ) and PREDICTIVE Maintenance ( PM ). However, there are few organizations who can adopt these new concepts of maintenance management for the following reasons:



Well managed organizations need professional Asset Management Systems


In the steel, metal industry, one of the special facts is that profitability of the business depends on the normal operation of the production plant. Once an accident happens, or there is a stoppage in the production ( for example loss in electricity supply or energy supply ), then it would affect the entire operations. Therefore it is very important to pay special attention to the management of these facilities to avoid downtime and accidental stoppages.


Strengthening personnel management, increasing operational reliability are all aspects of increasing productivity. Organizations must use EAM ( Enterprise Asset Management ) systems to manage these facilities effectively, developing reliable operations and increasing operational efficiencies, resulting in managing the facilities in a truly professional manner.


SAMEX Enterprise Asset Management System is truly a professional EAM system, it can bring the following benefits and value to any organization:

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