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Theme Parks Facilities and Services Management Solution

Asset Management For Theme Parks


SAMEX is developed based on our years of experience in implementing Asset Management Systems for Theme Parks such as Ocean Park, Disneyland Hong Kong as well as other luxury hotels.


The underlying success factor to any theme parks is its ability to provide good customer service, and to ensure that customers have a wonderful memorable experience.


The proper maintenance and smooth running of the daily operations of the theme park is what creates the reputation of a theme park. Even a very minor maintenance issues could cause a lot of problems and be extremely damaging to the reputation to a theme park. Therefore good customer service and proper maintenance is CRITICAL to the success of any theme park.


Invisible Seamless Service is key to the customer experience in any theme park. In order for customers to have an enjoyable positive experience. Theme Parks is a very competitive business. Operators must constantly renew themselves not only in the types of rides offered, facilities provided, but also must focus on improving customer service and efficiently response to customer requests. The SAMEX software can help achieve and provide this high level of "invisible" service to ensure customer satisfaction.


Theme Parks must use IT Systems to Ensure Safe and Smooth Daily Operations


Managing a theme park is a complex operation. Often due to the large extensive area the theme park covers, as well as the distributed location of the various facilities and rides to be maintained, there is significant limitations to the traditional paper method of managing and maintaining a theme park. A common problem in theme park management is often the fact that due to the size of the park, as well as external environmental factors ( such as weather ), it is often very hard to respond efficiently to the issues reported manually in many of the inspection stations, resulting in slow and poor response to maintenance problems.


In analyzing the operational efficiencies, economical effectiveness, customer satisfaction and perceptual image of the park etc. managers MUST utilize asset management systems to strengthen their competitiveness and profitability of the operations


Fundamental Concept for SAMEX Theme Park Asset Management System


The most fundamental aspect of the SAMEX Asset Management System is focused on RCM ( Reliability Centered Maintenance ). Safety is the most important aspect of any Theme Park operation. The SAMEX software generates Work Orders and follow through its entire approval process, assigning the appropriate resources and parts to the proper care and maintenance of all the facilities and assets, and keeping track of the costs. Most importantly, it can carry out the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance activities, ensuring operational safety and reliability of the facilities, reducing operational costs and ensuring the safe and smooth operation of the Theme Park.


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