• The technology leader in China's wind power equipment market.
  • A high-tech wind power company invested by an internationally renowned new energy fund.
  • It has the world's first large-scale wind turbine assembly line.

Beauty star

  • Production and sales of high-end cosmetic plastic packaging and research and development of matching molds.
  • China's first five-layer composite hose manufacturer with the most advanced equipment and the best product quality.
  • Won the "Best Supplier Award" from Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, and Avon.

Tianwen Xinhua Printing

  • Set newspaper printing, book printing, commercial printing, packaging and decoration, stationery and other production in one enterprise.
  • National Top Ten Publishing and Printing Enterprises.
  • It is the only large-scale state-owned enterprise in the domestic printing industry that has achieved "Four Certificates in One".


  • A well-known domestic manufacturer of integral wardrobes and home sliding door systems, and one of the recognized flagship companies in the industry.
  • Top ten brands of overall wardrobes in China (ranked 2nd in 2009).
  • Has a number of national patented technologies in the field of custom furniture.