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SMART Functions

Staff management

  • Staff information is saved on the cloud platform, which is convenient for searching and viewing at any time;
  • It has custom fields and can be set to remind in advance;
  • The "self-service onboarding" function shortens the time for managers to handle the onboarding of new colleagues and reduces the error rate.
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Attendance management

  • Support a variety of punching methods, including binding Wi-Fi or location GPS punching through the mobile APP, or punching in the attendance machine with face or fingerprint recognition;
  • Automatically record the time and method/place of commuting;
  • Real-time viewing of employee attendance;
  • Automatic generation Late arrival, early departure, and overtime minutes;
  • Even more complex attendance modes, such as flexible work, can be taken into account.
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Shift management

  • Prepare and update schedules through system scheduling;
  • Employees can view it on the mobile APP in real time;
  • With different types of statistical tables, it is more convenient to deploy personnel;
  • The operation of requesting leave and transfer can be performed in the system shift scheduling page, which is in line with the actual paper editing operation;
  • The adjustment approval function, employees can The application for transfer with other employees on the APP will be automatically transferred once approved, saving the process of manual modification.
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Vacation management

  • The vacation setting is flexible and flexible to meet the different vacation needs of the enterprise (including annual leave, overtime compensation, statutory holiday compensation, birthday leave, etc.);
  • The system will automatically deduct/roll over/clear the employee's holiday quota;
  • Check it yourself Remaining days of vacation and application records, reducing the troubles of managers who are often inquired.
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Payroll Management

  • Automatically link employees' attendance, vacation and overtime records, and automatically calculate wages;
  • Generate electronic payslips, bank automatic payment files, MPF contribution statements, tax returns and electronic files (IR56B/E/F/G/M);
  • A variety of calculation rules (attendance award, piece rate, commission, allowance), salary is automatically calculated according to the rules;
  • 3 types of mandatory MPF contributions are preset, and rules for voluntary MPF contributions can also be set.
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Approval management

  • In a few easy steps, design the approval form and formulate the approval process by yourself, and present the administrative process as a spreadsheet;
  • The application and approval process can be completed through the mobile APP or employee self-service platform, and the approver can receive the application and criticize in real time, which is convenient and fast;
  • Employees can check the approval status by themselves, and all applications are electronic, making it easier to find in the future;
  • Automatically organize into Excel reports, eliminating the need to enter data for archiving.
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Six advantages of the system

1. Improve performance

Data is digitized, so searching, viewing, transferring and editing is just a click away. The system supports simultaneous operation of multiple users, which can share information, increase collaboration and speed up processing.

2. Time-saving cost

The system automatically calculates salaries and generates various reports, shortening the processing time of managers, and employees can spend more time on core business-related work.

3. easy to manage

All application and approval processes have been digitized and standardized, replacing the previous paper delivery to avoid human error and loss of custody.

4. High security

The system is equipped with a firewall to prevent hacker attacks and theft. Data is securely stored in the cloud system through "bank-level" SLL transmission encryption AES encryption technology, avoiding the risk of loss of important confidential information of the company and employees.

5. Remote office

Through cloud technology, managers can log in to the system anytime, anywhere, no longer confined to the office, breaking space constraints. Employees can check in, ask for leave, check announcements and schedules through the mobile APP, and communicate and transfer documents more conveniently.

6. Function optimization

The system will be updated and optimized regularly, and new functions will be added continuously to improve the user experience and bring more benefits to the enterprise.

System Features Highlights

Staff management

Employees are the company's most valuable resource, and we protect important personal information of employees in the safest way.

Attendance management

Enjoy the routine of not having to transcribe punch-in records; forget the painful memories of manually calculating attendance data and adding or subtracting wages.

Shift management

Scheduling can be so simple and fast; abandon the chaotic and complicated hand-made watch, and welcome the neat and simple electronic scheduling.

Vacation management

Let you enjoy a happy vacation with more peace of mind; the system helps you manage employee vacations more effectively, so that you have no worries during vacation.

Payroll Management

Grain calculation only takes an instant; no need to work overtime at the end of the month.

Approval management

Process approval management is more convenient, no matter where you are, you only need one machine in hand, and you can complete application submission and approval in a few simple steps.

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