Product introduction

SAMEX Microservice Assistant is not an independent APP, but a lightweight system running on the "Wechat" public account that has increasingly entered people's lives.
It realizes the better integration of external users of the enterprise (such as the front-end of service application—owner, outsourced maintenance/maintenance service provider—outsourcer, procurement supply chain—supplier, etc.) The business chain of the interrupted layer.

Solution Characteristic

Responsive app

The "SAMEX Microservice Assistant" product is a server package version and does not occupy the SAMEX EAM product of concurrent/named users.

Multi-factor authentication

Users do not need to register to use this product (but companies can verify users by hand or SMS [the company needs to provide a SMS server]). If malicious users are found, the company can also directly pull the user into the blacklist through the SAMEX system.

No installation, no registration

Provide the WeChat official account QR code with the "SAMEX Microservice Assistant" function to the user to scan the key Note, users do not need to install additional apps or register.

function succession

You can use the normal interaction and push functions of the WeChat official account, including its own micro-payment function, to provide users with value-added services or charge for services.

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