Function introduction

Collection of asset catalogs

Most group companies do not have a very clear asset inventory list, and because the collection process of these asset inventory lists is complicated and time-consuming, companies often omit this part of the work.
SAMEX Mobile Asset Auditor provides a very convenient feature that allows users to easily accomplish this task in the palm of their hand.

Inventory and update of asset inventory

Since many devices need to be updated regularly or at any time, such as user changes of laptops, relocation of projectors, chairs and other equipment, which need to be updated to the system regularly, a simple smartphone function can save a lot of costs for enterprises, provide personnel efficiency and business economic benefits.

Follow-up and repairs

In the process of asset inventory, if it is found that equipment or certain locations need follow-up or maintenance, a service request form can be generated in the mobile asset auditor in real time.

Location Movement Monitoring

For equipment that moves in batches or frequently, the Mobile Asset Auditor provides the ability to automatically monitor equipment movement using radio frequency.

Big data collection

Once the mobile asset auditor completes the data collection function, the system will automatically transfer the data back to the SAMEX server through various connection methods.

Technical Specifications

Support wireless network, mobile 5G network, Bluetooth, online socket.

Supports both online and offline operations, allowing technicians to continue working when they cannot be online.

Supports Android, iOS and industrial and military grade smartphones and tablets.

Supports barcodes and radio frequency (RFID), providing greater convenience for devices with barcodes.

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