SAMEX Mobile Ticket Assistant is an extension module based on SAMEX desktop suite, which mainly provides the following functions:

Use SAMEX's workflow engine to automatically dispatch temporary work orders, regular maintenance orders and work orders to smartphones;

Utilize smartphones to update the current status of work orders and their date and time in real time, allowing businesses to know the latest status of work in real time;

Remotely report working hours, material consumption and accident details (including failure classification, failure phenomenon, failure cause, and solution) through smartphone;

Real-time query of inventory material balance through smartphone to improve work order execution efficiency;

Perform meter reading of the device through a smartphone, and automatically generate a work order when the readings meet expectations.

Technical Specifications

Support wireless network, mobile 5G network, Bluetooth, online socket.

Supports both online and offline operations, allowing technicians to continue working when they cannot be online.

Supports Android, iOS and industrial and military grade smartphones and tablets.

Supports barcodes and radio frequency (RFID), providing greater convenience for devices with barcodes.

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