Function introduction

Inventory Audit

Utilize barcodes and RFID (Radio Frequency) to greatly simplify inventory tasks for warehouse personnel. Due to the real-time verification capability of the functions on the smartphone, the data is more accurate.

Work order, service order issue

Using a smartphone can increase the speed of material delivery and reduce the time people spend queuing to pick up materials. Using the radio frequency function on the smartphone, the warehouse staff can locate the material and achieve the purpose of fast delivery.

Purchase acceptance

The warehousing process can be simplified to only 1/3 of the time, and due to the function of real-time verification and error correction, all human errors in the procurement and acceptance process will be completely eliminated.

Inventory balance query

The inventory balance and their distribution on different shelves can be queried in real time, which is convenient for inventory personnel to query in advance, so as to select the best warehouse and shelf location for the required materials.

Technical Specifications

Support wireless network, mobile 5G network, Bluetooth, online socket.

Supports both online and offline operations, allowing technicians to continue working without being online

Supports Android, iOS and industrial and military grade smartphones and tablets.

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