Digitization of business processes

ushing an organization to higher-level business processes as a vital corporate asset remains a challenge in the digital business world. Develop an integrated approach that combines the required competencies and expertise with the support of an executive leadership team. Establishing process management as part of the enterprise architecture through the SAMEX Smart Building Platform will ensure that change becomes an ongoing normal process.

Continuous improvement culture

Businesses sometimes get caught up in a "this is what we've been doing" attitude, which creates waste. CXOs and business unit leaders need to work with business leaders to identify and eliminate this waste, often rework or delays due to further problems, to focus on lean improvement efforts.

Customer Self Service

Today's customers expect quick and on-demand answers. CXOs need to develop a strategy for dealing with self-service technology that must be continuously updated and based on customer perspectives and experiences.

Improve business efficiency through analytics

Don't underestimate the value of analytics outside of traditional business intelligence. Not only can advanced analytics save lives, reduce customer churn, and make devices safer, using the information provided to achieve even single-digit percentage improvements in areas such as customer retention or marketing response can have a significant business impact.

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Improve data management

Treat information as a company-wide asset with SAMEX Enterprise Information Management. This means people across the enterprise can access data and be able to share and use it to create business value through better, faster decisions.

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Process automation

CXOs and business leaders need to move beyond current use of automation to robotics and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart machines to build smart business processes.

Improve asset management

Information about an asset is itself a critical asset. Utilize SAEMX Connected platforms provide real-time information and performance, enabling businesses to make changes to assets good decision.

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain leaders have 20% to 50% lower supply chain costs than average performers. CXOs need to work together to not only reduce costs, but also increase sales, while using SAMEX traditional and unconventional techniques to optimize asset and business costs.

Improve inventory management

SAMEX: Inventory is a challenge for business leaders because it paradoxically exists both as a supply operating lever and as a balance sheet financial asset. However, since inventory is a working capital asset, reducing inventory will directly help earnings.

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Business process outsourcing

Managing a company's business process outsourcing is a challenge, especially when the services are not contracted with strategic business services or partners. Focus on business outcomes, such as customer satisfaction, to effectively manage customer service.

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