What is Smart Facilities Management?

According to the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA):
Facilities Management (FM) is a multidisciplinary profession that ensures the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of buildings by integrating people, places, processes and technology.

Standards integrate people, places and processes into the built environment

Focus on improving people's quality of life and core business productivity

FM's top priority is to improve the quality of life and the productivity of its core business

ISO 41001 Management System Standard

Institutional overview

  • External and internal issues
  • Management requirements
  • Build scope
  • Document Scope
  • Facility Management System


  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Develop FM policy
  • Explore FM Policy
  • Related personnel
  • Responsibilities and Authority


  • Failed
  • Corrective Action
  • Active measures
  • Gap Analysis
  • keep improving


  • Risks and Opportunities
  • plan for risk
  • management needs
  • FM target
  • Implementation Plan
  • planning outline


  • ID and Security Resources
  • Source and Monitoring
  • ability
  • consciousness
  • communication
  • required information


  • process
  • change control
  • control process
  • customer relations
  • Integrated Service Delivery

Performance Evaluation

  • Monitoring range
  • Monitoring means and methods
  • record results
  • Evaluate performance
  • audit
  • management review
  • Communicate/Action Based on Conclusions

The value chain

Finance/Building Management

Construction accounting

Building Management

Architectural Portal

Building Maintenance and Asset Monitoring

Maintenance management

Inventory management

Remot monitoring

Work scheduling

PPM and task management

Portable Work Terminal

Property/Tenant Services

Online service portal

Facilities Management (FM) Platform Features

Construction accounting

service charge
General ledger

Construction management


Build portal

Owner and Property Management Access
real-time finance
automatic service

Asset Management

Complete FM solution
Work order process

Remote monitoring

different focus
Intelligent Building

Customer relationship and task management

Global search
All owner history
Mobile phone integration

Portable Work Terminal

work process
Job Description

Online service portal

Sales certificate
repair service
extra income

Who can get ISO 41001 certification?

Manufacturing unit

Educational institution



Other Organizations / Any Size / Any Location / Any Business

Fire Safety

ISO 41001
Implementation focus

environment, health
and safety

Maintenance, Testing
and Inspection

business continuity planning


Advantages of ISO 41001:2018 Implementation

  • Improve employee safety, health and productivity;
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Enhancing Communication of Construction Management Approaches;
  • Improved consistency of service levels provided;
  • Recognition from overseas customers

ISO 41001:2018 Implementation benefits

  • Initial visits and reviews of existing systems;
  • Gap analysis and documentation (records and procedures);
  • Training and assistance/implementation support;
  • Implement internal audits for system validation;
  • Certification audits (Phase 1 and Phase 2);
  • Issue an ISO 41001 certificate to the organization.

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