Online and offline access

Configurable User Interface

Integrated Mobile GIS

Notes, cameras, barcode scanning, supervision, electronic signatures, and more

Maintenance times have never been more precise

Available online and offline

one are the days of downloading data, replaced by real-time updates. It is no longer possible to deal with maintenance issues without knowing or viewing new orders in real time before returning to the office.
The ability of offline capabilities allows technicians, supervisors and planners to easily access data while working in the field. With internet access, data is automatically synced so other team members can view it in real time.

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Configurable User Interface

Having a configurable solution significantly simplifies training activities and reduces time and cost. Companies have started to abandon costly customizations created by IT departments and are increasingly looking for solutions that allow you to easily set up ad hoc workflows for different teams in your organization.
Thanks to configurable interfaces, IT workloads are reduced and users only get what they need to get their business done and significantly speed up implementation.

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Integrated Mobile GIS

A GIS or geographic information system is a web-based tool that can be used to analyze, represent, and question entities or events that occur in an area. Solutions like Infor EAM integrate this capability through GIS mapping software from Esri, a leader in geospatial solutions.
This integration provides an accurate representation of company assets, linking records of Infor EAM equipment and GIS capabilities. Mobile users can download an interactive map of the area covered by the service and use it offline, share geographic information among multiple users, and change the map expansion to focus on a specific area. GIS integration into maintenance management systems increases staff efficiency and saves costs by:

  • Assign work orders based on team or individual resource availability
  • Generate work orders directly in the GIS display
  • Workflow optimization between departments
  • Create sequential paths to fulfill work orders
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Notes, cameras, barcode scanning, supervision, electronic signature, etc.

Today's best mobile maintenance solutions provide field maintenance technicians with the ability to enter most of the information they need, thanks to the use of complementary features:

  • Camera for capturing and sharing images
  • Easy to attach diagrams, manuals, detailed notes
  • Barcode scan data and device history
  • Personalized to-do list
  • Using RFID tags
  • Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • Electronic Signature Support
  • Track equipment that needs to be checked along the way
  • Send comments and engage with the community
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Maintenance times have never been more accurate

Maintenance time is a basic metric system for maintenance operations and indicates the portion of time a technician can make improvements to a given asset. Thanks to EAM's mobile app, maximum tracking accuracy and logging data are now available directly in the system. No more scribbled paper.

  • Planning:
    Ability to foresee future needs and long-term planning with innovative planning tools.
  • 100% paperless:
    Mobile apps allow you to streamline the flow of information and provide management with instant visibility into workflow.
  • Disaster Recovery:
    In the event of various types of events, the application will always be available and protected from any attack on the network.
  • Optimize field work:
    Improves repair rates on the first attempt as critical information can facilitate resolution of interventions.
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