Collect billing contract information via file upload

  • Support uploading multiple data sources
  • Data collection
  • Data validation rules engine and return mechanism for corrections
  • Log Archive Audit Trial
  • Data conversion mechanism, if required for business
  • Integrate with external IT systems via API Gateway
  • Approval Process With Approval Hierarchy In-Place Rates
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Data upload and verification

If there are any errors in the template, those errors will be displayed in the "Warnings" section

  • Required fields
  • Option field
  • Data error checking such as date, address
  • Mass correction
  • Log to see upload completion status
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Build billing database contract information using collected billing objects

  • Autonomous database running in any cloud of your choice, because the real world is everywhere, not just on one cloud;
  • Provide low-latency data access from anywhere or pin data to a designated geographic area, all in a single logical database;
  • Protect your data with sophisticated network access controls that encrypt data in transit, at rest and in use; role-based authorization, etc.;
  • Cloud database, providing multi-cloud deployment. Build cross-cloud resiliency, leverage services from multiple cloud providers, or easily migrate data between clouds.
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Billing mode







More powerful invoicing capabilities

Publish invoice information to Oracle E-Business Suite via the system interface, load data in Oracle E-Business using Open Interface Tables

  • Add invoice due date
  • Customize invoice payment terms
  • Easily offer limits/discounts
  • Calculate taxes automatically
  • Preview invoices before sending
  • Choose your preferred currency
  • Instant updates when viewing and paying invoices
  • Invoice on the go with the mobile app
  • Automatically track inventory billed on invoices
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Provides an audit trail of changes recorded within the platform

  • Receipts or invoices for each corporate transaction
  • Record transaction approval, by the person authorized to give it
  • Change log of any updates or changes to purchase requests or approvals
  • Give clear reasons in any case where proper documentation cannot be provided
  • Timestamp to prove when they were created
  • A clear description of the relevant transaction
  • Identifier of the person who made the transaction or approved the transaction
  • A record of any changes made to the document, with timestamps and identifiers to match
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Generate reports for users' daily operations

  • Key Performance Indicator Dashboard.
  • Export data to BI tools such as PowerBI.
  • Analyze by various factors such as character, scene, time frame, etc.

Covers any billing plan

  • Automate billing, eliminate routine tasks, and make accurate forecasts with scheduling, prepaid and recurring invoices, and late invoice reminders.
  • Using partial invoices makes it easy to bill clients for services rendered and bill for the rest after the project is complete.

Customers can click

  • Get a 360-degree overview of each customer on one page, including contact details, communication history, projects, documents, quotes and invoices.
  • Track your billing items in real time.
  • Intuitively understand your billing channels and customize statuses to match your billing process.
  • Compile quotations and invoices into personalized PDFs in just a few clicks.

A clear financial view

  • All your billing and financial documents are entered directly into detailed reporting, budgeting and integrated accounting software in your preferred base currency.
  • Compare budget forecasts across your company, department, or office using actual and planned invoices.
  • Centrally manage clients, projects, and finances across different companies, grouped by category, and easily track each client's billing history based on different criteria.

Improve efficiency and accounting benefits

Revenue forecast.
Revenue allocation, recognition, reclassification and auditing through a rules-based event processing framework.
The scheduling, calculation and presentation of financial statement revenue.
Continuous shutdown process.

Eliminate most low-value and manual task

Data collection: Eliminate human error and manual data entry by automatically collecting, updating or synchronizing data to systems of record (55%).
Approvals: Increase efficiency by automating approvals, signoffs, and confirmation requests (38%).
Updates: Reduce wasted time (32%) by automatically requesting status updates and other information.

Reduce human error and increase productivity

Define the invoice workflow management process.
Automate mission-critical accounting and payment reminders.
Automate routine tasks to reduce the risk of failure due to simple mistakes.

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