Energy profile of the building at the current stage

SAMEX IOT energy management system is mainly for enterprise water, electricity and gas data collection. Through the circulation and analysis of energy data, intelligent business transformation is formed, which promotes energy conservation, efficiency improvement and cost reduction in enterprise operations. The traditional energy management model mainly faces the following problems:

Manual meter reading

  • Under the traditional working mode, the manual meter reading efficiency of workers is low, the accuracy of meter reading is difficult to guarantee, and there are various energy price schemes. Different time periods correspond to different peak-to-valley electricity prices, making data aggregation and report preparation difficult.

The energy network structure is chaotic

  • This is especially the case in older factories. For the convenience of use, the wires are randomly connected when using electricity. Although it does not affect production, the error in calculating electricity bills will be very large.
  • Unable to monitor abnormal energy usage.
  • It mainly relies on manual monitoring of various parameters of energy transmission and energy-consuming equipment, and cannot monitor the power supply quality of equipment and power grids, and cannot detect leakage and leakage in time.

No energy saving opportunities found

  • Energy-saving work is entirely based on experience, without effective data support, can not find exact energy-saving opportunities, the effect of energy-saving measures is uncertain, lack of useless energy planning, lack of management methods, one-size-fits-all energy management, unable to make well-founded Energy cost budget.

Low battery warning

  • There is a lack of early warning when the on-site energy consumption is abnormal, and there is a great potential safety hazard if it cannot be dealt with in time, and there is no basis for post-event handling.

Building energy sustainable construction ideas

SAMEX energy management system construction ideas:
In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to adopt decentralized control and centralized management of the energy system under the guidance of the energy management department of the enterprise, so that the energy management level can adapt to the needs of strategic development:

1. Realize energy consumption visualization

Through the SAMEX smart IoT meter, use modern wired and wireless technologies to collect data, find out key energy-consuming equipment, refine and master the distribution of energy consumption, and achieve the purpose of visualizing energy consumption.

2. Analyze energy consumption

After SAMEX collects data, energy consumption analysis can be performed, Production-oriented enterprises need to combine production planning, Multi-angle analysis of production and other data, Find energy-saving electricity consumption and propose optimization solutions.

3、Energy-saving retrofit

SAMEX energy-saving renovation is divided into several categories, one is to adjust the parameters of energy-consuming equipment according to the results of energy consumption analysis, and the other is to achieve the purpose of energy saving and cost reduction by standardizing the management system. Adjust the production plan, the second is to achieve the purpose of energy saving by replacing equipment

4. Strengthen management

When it is determined that the SAMEX energy-saving measures are effective, the energy-saving tasks are effectively implemented, energy-saving awareness is raised, and energy-saving publicity is carried out through the issuance of energy-saving plans, assessments, and energy-saving related systems.

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