The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a network formed by Internet-connected devices sharing data with each other, and is usually used to refer to any device connected to the Internet. By embedding a processor and a large number of sensors into a small device, IoT devices can do almost anything. This device has a unique identifier (UUID) and can transmit data over the network without human intervention.
IoT devices are usually composed of embedded systems, including processors, sensors, communication hardware, etc. It collects data from the environment through sensors, connects to the Internet, and sends the data to the cloud for analysis. IoT can also combine artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze collected data.
IoT can help people live and work smarter, and in addition to smart assistants helping home automation, IoT is also very important for businesses. The Internet of Things provides businesses with instant insight into how systems are actually performing. IoT allows companies to automate and reduce labor costs, reduce waste and improve product quality, thereby reducing the cost of manufacturing and delivering goods.
In addition, IoT is often used in manufacturing and transportation, where companies use sensors and other IoT devices to help understand various aspects of machine performance, supply chain and logistics operations. IoT can help digital transformation of agriculture and utilities. For example, sensors can collect data related to light, rainfall, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc., and can also assist in collecting data related to electricity, running water, natural gas, etc. In smart cities, the deployment of IoT sensors such as smart street lights and smart electricity meters can help save energy, monitor and solve environmental problems, and help monitor traffic flow.


Fire Alarm




Energy Management

SAMEX Technology Development

LoRa is a supplement to the existing IoT communication technology, with technical advantages: wide range, low energy consumption, large links, and low cost.

short range technology


cellular technology

remote technology


Why is LoRaWAN® so popular?

Wide range of applications, powerful performance, fast speed, convenient use, high security, and technology trends.

High security

end-to-end security

public and private networks

High performance

long battery life

location targeting

high capacity

low cost

super long distance

Easy to use

Unlicensed Spectrum

Wireless Firmware Update

Technology Trends

New ecology and industry






Public Facility

Typical LoRaWAN network structure


LoRaWAN The network adopts a star topology.


The characteristic of LoRaWAN is the core role of the gateway.


The LoRaWAN star-to-star topology is not complicated, with low cost and high efficiency.




Equipment remote management center

SAMEX IoT: time/date, temperature, battery, location, update, rating, heating.

Why make the office smart?

We are facing this problem:

There is a lack of complete and efficient infrastructure for managing resources and optimizing meeting room utilization

Unsuitable environment


Lack of comprehensive environmental testing

temperature, brightness, air quality

"Ghost" meeting

Room unavailable and unattractive
The room is reserved but no one is using it

Technical Difficulties

Real-time detection is not possible

SAMEX Smart Office Solutions

  • Provide "one-stop" solution service
  • Enhance user experience
  • Reduce solution cost

Common difficulties

meeting room occupancy
Ventilation detection
lighting control
door status

Technical pain points

passive infrared
Active infrared
video etc

Technical requirement

High precision
Detection area
cut pre
Rich features

Technical structure

AM300 Series



Smart socket

Smart button

Workplace Sensors

Magnetic Contact Switch

IOT Gateway

APP/WEB IoT Control Center


Automated monitoring and management; plug and play; simple and remote control; high work efficiency.


Meet budget; rationalize work environment; improve indoor environment.

Smart office solution recommendation


  • UG65 is a rugged 8-channel indoor LoRaWAN® gateway.
  • UG65 adopts SX1302 LoRa chip and high-performance quad-core CPU, which supports connecting more than 2000 nodes.
  • The UG65 has a line of sight of up to 15 kilometers and can cover about 2 kilometers in urbanized environments, making it ideal for smart offices, smart buildings and many other indoor applications.
  • UG65 not only supports multiple backhaul backups for Ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, but also integrates mainstream network servers (such as TTI, ChirpStack, etc.), as well as built-in network servers and SAMEX IoT cloud for easy deployment.

Main features:

IP65 rating; NXP quad-core processor; Semtech SX1302 LoRa chip; multi-backhaul connectivity; embedded web server; compatible with multiple web servers; Global LoRaWAN® Frequency Plan (CN470/RU864/IN865/EU868/AU915/US915/KR920/AS923)

SAMEX Smart Office Series – AM300

The SAMEX AM300 sensor is the most versatile indoor environmental monitoring device on the market.

Main features: Sensing function

Air Pressure


Smart Office/Building, Classroom/Meeting Room, Hospital/Hotel, Home Automation




A/C mode


IOT dashboard

Manage and control your office smartly!

  • Coordination between sensors and cloud servers
  • Smart office, room occupancy
  • Cater to "office/room" monitoring and rationalization
  • Data visualization on dashboards and mobile applications
  • Quickly analyze real-time and historical data
  • Objective insights for strategic decisions

Other optional popular products

Silo sensor
Smart Button
Infrared sensor
Magnetic Contact Switch
Smart socket
AI Sensor

EM310-UDL Smart Dumpster Sensor

Tilt Alarm Non-Contact Ultrasonic Level

  • Ultrasonic technology for the highest measurement accuracy;
  • Monitor any type of waste in bins/bins;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Tilt recognition and alarm;
  • Attaches to any type of container or tank.

WS101 - Smart Button

Multi-function button · Push type · Independent power supply

  • Battery life: 5 years (10 times/day);
  • User-defined functions: short press, click, double click;
  • Configuration: NFC/TTL;
  • Button: 100,000 operations;
  • Application Scenarios: Police, Ambulance & Fire Alarm Systems, Residential Guard & Security, Hospital First Aid Solutions, Home Automation, Theft, Shoplifting & Violence, Spa, Gym, Sauna, Swimming, Front Desk & Server Room & Restrooms, College Campus ,Gas station.

WS202 - PIR & Light

Indoor environment · Human infrared sensor

  • Sensing functions: motion and light detection;
  • Passive infrared detectors;
  • Fresnel lens;
  • Application scenarios: motion detection, light detection, smart home, smart office/building.

WS301 - Magnetic Contact Switch

Wireless · Tamper Button · Small

  • Compact and powerful;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Multiple alarm trigger settings;
  • Plug and play;
  • Configuration: NFC/USB Type-C, screw or 3M adhesive.

WS51X/52X - Smart Socket

Plug Sensor Multipurpose Simple to Use

  • Configuration: TTL, mobile NFC via computer
  • Application Scenario: SAMEX Smart Socket Series are LoRaWAN® Class C smart office/smart home devices that monitor, control and report the quality of connected internal electronic devices and electrical lines.

VS121 - AI Workplace Sensor

People counting · Occupancy rate · Privacy requirements

  • Features: Ultra High Accuracy, Wide Range Coverage: 48 m2 (190°H, 112°V), 100% Anonymous and Private, People Counting, Type-C 5V/1.5A Power Input (Type-C), Range Customization and More Up to 12 zones, Wi-Fi (2.4G) for configuration only, occupancy sensing, proprietary deep learning and object tracking algorithms, and LoRa.
  • Application scenarios: SAMEX's cutting-edge workspace sensing technology can predict workplace needs through data and privacy protection.

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