Energy View

Through the smart meter, the modern wired and wireless technologies are used to collect data, and the energy consumption can be grasped in detail, so as to realize the visualization of energy consumption.

Energy Analysis

Combined with production data, energy-saving points are found through detailed comparison and analysis, and optimization plans are proposed.

Strengthen management

Improve energy conservation awareness through plans, assessments, systems, publicity and other forms, and effectively implement energy conservation tasks.

Energy Saving

Through equipment parameter setting, equipment modification, and standard energy use system energy efficiency, and adjust production plans to achieve energy-saving purposes.

Through LoRa independent networking, reducing enterprise networking costs

SAMEX intelligent data energy management system adopts a "centralized-distributed" architecture. The SAMEX LoRa module forms a complete energy management solution that combines hardware and software from acquisition to transmission to analysis. The various requirements of hybrid cloud deployment fully reflect the flexibility of the system.

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Multi-dimensional energy consumption monitoring to prevent leakage

Large factories often leak water and electricity. In the traditional model, failures are only discovered long after they have occurred. Ineffective energy consumption, affecting production, causing waste of energy consumption, and serious safety accidents.
Combined with the energy management system of SAMAX Internet of Things technology, establish a tree topology structure of physical instruments, collect data in real time, set thresholds and errors according to the difference between the sum of the total meter and the word meter data, combined with the normal wear range, and automatically alarm when it detects exceeding the standard. From multi-level energy consumption detection, prevent leakage.

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Multiple early warning methods to optimize energy management

A SAMEX report is the first step in identifying problems. In order to solve the problem more efficiently, the system strengthens the alarm module, monitors data from multiple perspectives such as threshold value, change rate, energy consumption plan, benchmark value, etc., and pushes alarms to the person in charge in time. All alarms must be handled in a closed loop. If the problem cannot be solved in time within the specified time, it will be pushed to the higher-level leaders for supervision to the relevant departments.

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Predict energy consumption to help businesses with cost accounting

The SAMEX intelligent data energy management system fully considers the energy consumption characteristics of production-oriented enterprises, follows the factory management habits, and helps enterprises establish an energy management system to achieve the purpose of energy saving, efficiency improvement and cost reduction. The system supports docking with other subsystems such as SAMEX EAM, obtains data such as products, work orders, output, etc., automatically calculates the energy consumption of a single machine, and establishes models according to factors such as production plans and office energy consumption. The built-in algorithm can predict demand and help enterprises budget cost.
In addition, the SAMEX intelligent data energy management system also automatically generates daily reports, weekly reports, and monthly reports, pushes the classified data to users in different positions according to personal preferences, and provides modules such as energy-saving projects and energy distribution to assist in daily management. Built-in secondary development platform, users can use the webpage configuration module to develop new reports and new templates after simple learning.

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