Time management

  • employee clock
    Simple and reliable; employee time tracking.
  • employee scheduling
    From planning to assignment, it's quick and easy.

Daily Operation

  • Digital Forms and Checklists
    Mobile field reporting and automated workflows.
  • Task management
    Mobile app to quickly assign tasks and supervision.

Internal Communication

  • Employee communication
    Move to deskless team design.

Learning and Orientation

  • Employee training
    Simple and customizable mobile training courses.

Organisation Customer Management Staff Management Security Guard Assignment Reporting

Security Guard Keep Log Incident reporting

Auditing Log Audit Incident Approval Patrol

Guard Assessment

Provides security agencies with monitoring and monitoring of compliance with all policies/rules by guards.

Order management for agents

Forward work orders to external agencies and complete work on time.


Provide complete information on security personnel deployed at various customer locations.

Incident Record

Effective incident management procedures for security personnel.

Guard patrol

An efficient way to enable guards to start patrolling and complete daily deliverables.

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