Smart meter reading

Remote meter reading, liberate manpower, reduce operating costs; use smart electronic meters, accurate statistics, and achieve green energy.

Residential security

Abnormal events such as overload and overcurrent are automatically reported, which is safer and more worry-free.

Access control

Remote key issuance, key aging control; real-time monitoring of door lock status.

Smart application

Residents can realize payment and recharge, utility bill inquiry, fault repair and other services through smart applications, making tenants more comfortable.

Property Leasing and Rent Collection Management

Managers can manage houses through the system, including viewing floors, house conditions (leased, not rented) status, rent payment, contract management and other dimensions of data nodes, and systematically manage houses.
Tenants can view housing resources at any time, and provide one-stop services such as online viewing, booking, signing, payment (rent payment, rent installment), property services, etc.
The check-in process is completed through the SAMEX intelligent management platform and mobile client. The smart water and electricity meter automatically generates bills every month, and the arrears are automatically stopped. The system will also automatically detect and prevent electricity theft and other risks.

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Online and offline interaction with Tenants

SAMEX smart tenant management service is a perfect combination of building and IoT technology and electronic communication. Through self-developed APP software, intelligent central control gateway, wireless control module and integration, compared with the personnel management of traditional rental buildings, the smart tenant management service is the largest. The characteristics are unmanned management and intelligent operation, which realizes online check-in and rent-out, and reduces manpower operations. The cost of operation also improves the efficiency of management.
Through the SAMEX smart application, manage and control various smart devices in the room, and handle family affairs efficiently. If the key is often lost, there is no need for the operator to come to the door urgently, which improves the tenant's experience.

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Handling property renewal and leasing disputes

Real estate management visualization, online booking business, convenient bill management, intelligent lease management, and online after-rental services. SAMEX Smart Tenant Management automatically separates user information into paid, unpaid and vacant rooms.
At the same time, the management platform can automatically remind and urge rent payment. When the lease expires, the system will send information reminders and other humanized tenant communication methods to facilitate efficient operation and management.
It can also display vacant houses on the platform and push them to the client, so that tenants can see the vacant houses, bring tenant traffic to the operator, and effectively help the operator to improve the occupancy rate.
The handover and receipt of the equipment and status of the room when the two parties move in, support the uploading and archiving of attached photos, and avoid disputes over responsibility for maintenance compensation.

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Terms of assistance with rental documents

For tenants who are unfamiliar with lease terms, the SAMEX smart tenant management platform provides lease terms document templates for various types of buildings for reference by owners or tenants to write lease terms suitable for their own conditions, or you can directly choose to use the smart tenant management platform to provide terms of the lease documents.

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Rent Recovery from tenants

If the rent, water and electricity bills are often in arrears, the system can notify the tenants to pay the water and electricity bills in advance at the due time. If the payment is overdue, it cannot be opened, and the tenants are forced to pay the rent in time.
Rent, door lock and meter related system, overdue automatic reminder, tenants can pay through the SAMEX smart system. If the payment is not made in time, the door opening password will automatically become invalid and the power supply will stop. Everything is automatically controlled by computer, reflecting the unity, science and intelligence of smart tenant management, and tenants will not feel that it is intentional.

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Property maintenance

The intelligent tenant management system provides a full range of subdivision services and network management through the front-end hardware water and electricity meter upgrade technology combined with the software back-end operating system. Including housing management, personnel management, online rent collection, expense management, timing switch, etc.
It can manage the gas, water, and electricity consumption of multiple apartment buildings in a unified way, unified wireless meter reading, and intelligently analyzes the platform server to avoid a lot of waste of human resources, optimize the energy consumption management of apartments, and improve management efficiency.
The administrator can directly authorize the new unlocking password for the new tenant, and there is no need to go to the door to set or replace the lock cylinder, which saves more costs. On the intelligent tenant management system, tenants can take photos of fault points to declare maintenance, and the maintenance staff can respond quickly, which is convenient and quick.

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Assist property Recovery

Through the management platform, the bill can be automatically generated, and the contract and all bills can be previewed after signing the contract with the tenant, and the monthly rent bill can be seen at a glance. Intelligent query of total asset income, total expenditure, and bill flow, multi-condition screening, and orderly reconciliation one by one, avoiding manual accounting, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
It can also realize the financial management of multiple tenants, and can realize the query of different tenants' bills and the collection of funds from different tenants.

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Manage vacant properties for overseas immigrant owners

The SAMEX smart tenant management platform can provide tenant management services for landlords who are not familiar with the leasing business, have no time to manage their properties, go abroad or immigrate. Enable your property to provide additional income.

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