Maintain good personal hygiene and immunity

Avoid touch

Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose

Hand cleaning

keep hands clean

Timing Metrics

Take your temperature regularly. When you have a fever or symptoms of a respiratory infection, or suddenly lose your sense of taste, When smelling, you should stop going to work, wear a surgical mask, avoid going to crowded places, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Cover the mouth and nose

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when sneezing or coughing, dispose of used tissues in a covered trash can, and wash your hands thoroughly.

Wear a mask

All persons must wear masks at all times. For safety reasons, mouthwear is not recommended for the following people Masks: ①Unsupervised children under the age of two ②Persons with breathing difficulties ③Persons requiring assistance to remove the mask

Staggered time

Staff are advised to separate meal times and maintain social distancing while eating.

Epidemic prevention software

Use the "Safe Travel" mobile app to store travel records and find out if you have visited the same place at the same time as the confirmed patient.

Alcohol disinfection

Provide adequate hand hygiene facilities (e.g. 70-80% alcohol-based hand sanitizer) in public areas such as reception areas.

Visitor Health Guidelines

  • Visitors should check their body temperature before visiting. Those with fever or symptoms of respiratory infection should cancel their visit, wear a surgical mask and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Owners should consider taking the temperature of visitors and deny entry to visitors with a fever.

  • All visitors must wear masks and clean hands before entering the premises, and maintain vigilance and good personal hygiene.

  • After returning home, visitors should shower/bath and wash their hair, remove possible dirt and germs, and wash their clothes properly.

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I have been notified that the COVID-19 coronavirus test result is positive/preliminary positive.

What should I do?

313 Smartphone APP helps you

With relevant epidemic prevention measures against the new coronavirus pneumonia

All visiting customers

After entering the center, you must undergo a temperature check, declare your foreign mail record and personal health status, and disinfect your hands and wear a mask

Crowd control

The centre is temporarily closed for non-exams

Strictly follow the advice of the Centre for Health Protection

Disinfect the center equipment and public spaces regularly every day to maintain hygiene

Our staff

All staff must have their body temperature checked daily before business hours and wear personal protective equipment

Pre-register with 313 Visitors

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Use 313 to limit the number of people who can gather at the same time, take the form in sections

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Use the 313 to prepare a list of cleaning tasks. All tasks must be completed and photographed

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Set up periodic temperature checks in the job schedule and require that temperature records be uploaded and entered in the mobile app. Red alert if safety level is exceeded

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SAMEX 313 Vistor Management

Based on the 313FM solution, it provides a free, simple and practical visitor management function module to manage the security of a large number of visitors in the enterprise, replacing the inconvenience and hygiene concerns of traditional paper.

  • Impress your visitors with a smooth visitor experience;
  • Increase efficiency by simplifying and automating front-office tasks;
  • Improve safety standards in buildings.
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Solve visitor access safety and hygiene issues

aperless and quick registration of visitors, environmental protection and hygiene; effective prevention of illegal entry, safe and worry-free; crowd control, orderly entry; visitors do not need to install APP.

Booked visitor

Residents/tenants can report to the management office in advance, and the management office will provide an online link for the applicant to fill in the visitor information, and then the system will generate a QRCODE and send it to the visitor. After the visitor arrives, the QRCODE will be presented, and the management office will scan and verify the visitor information for release. . The above functions can be completed directly by the management office or the visitor only needing a computer or a mobile phone.

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Walk-in visitors

The management department pre-prints the QR code at the reception and places it at the entrance of the reception. When visitors arrive at the entrance, scan the QR code link and enter the visitor information. The management and the resident/tenant verify and release. The above functions can be completed directly by the management office or the visitor only needing a computer or a mobile phone.

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