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Smart Visitor Management

Simple and practical visitor management function, used to manage the security of a large number of visitors in the enterprise, to replace the inconvenience and hygiene concerns caused by traditional paper.


Smart Cleaning

With traditional cleaning technology as the core, supplemented by artificial intelligence technology, the purpose of improving cleaning efficiency and reducing labor costs is achieved, and the contradiction between efficiency and cost is solved.


Smart Billing

Automate routine tasks to reduce the risk of failure due to simple mistakes with a rules-based event processing framework for revenue distribution, recognition, reclassification, and auditing.


Smart Energy Saving

hrough the SAMEX smart IoT meter, use modern wired and wireless technologies to collect data, find out key energy-consuming equipment, refine and master the distribution of energy consumption, and achieve the purpose of visualizing energy consumption.


Improve Team Effectiveness

By eliminating unnecessary meetings, everyone has more time to focus on important work. The SAMEX Smart Building Platform has clear KPI performance to make meetings effective and focused on solving daily and future challenges.


Smart Cost Control

The inefficient management level may not only make the assets not properly allocated, but even increase the operating cost in severe cases, affecting the normal operation process and overall efficiency of the enterprise.



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