Day-to-day operational value

Easy to use, improve personnel productivity, improve work efficiency and efficiency (increase personnel productivity by 15%-35%), reduce the inventory of non-essential spare parts (15%-40%), and reduce working capital pressure.

Reduce unnecessary inventory and reduce equipment downtime caused by lack of spare parts.

Gradually promote the development of material management in the direction of informatization, standardization and refinement.

Improve equipment reliability, thereby reducing the frequency of emergencies.

Management values

Provide data support for business decisions, provide performance and root cause analysis capabilities, reduce enterprise asset maintenance and costs by 15% - 25%, and reduce the frequency of unexpected downtime by 18% - 32%.

Improve the optimization rate of human resources, reasonably schedule staff workload, and remind job security.

Provide an information exchange platform to achieve reasonable allocation and full use of enterprise resources.

Better internal and outsourcer management and monitoring, improved SLAs and KPIs, and unified performance metrics.

More intelligent services and resources

Smart product

Indoor and outdoor management of buildings, including assets, procurement patrols, inspections, personnel scheduling, etc.

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Smart solution

A series of smart building solutions introduced by the use of intelligent Internet of things and big data analysis

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Smart resources

For the management of building facilities and assets, SAMEX has its own unique concept

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